Profiles: http://xeesm.com/AndreasWinterer/

Food & wine enthusiast.

Senior creative media consultant with longtime experience as a journalist, writer, speaker, book author, ghostwriter, blogger, tweeter in the fields of science and technology, technology-related business and communication, personal and corporate security, arts and culture, pop/covert/cyber-culture, digital lifestyle and travel.

Worked as free journalist, editor, leading editor, editor in chief, free web designer, software developer, network administrator, media coach („creative (business) writing“, „face the press preparation“, „creating creativity“).

Wrote a couple of books, both fiction & non-fiction.

Profile: Exemplary engaged and creative, a true “people’s person” communicating with excellence at all levels. Professional, flexible, self-starting, open and adaptable individual who relishes challenges and thrives on achievement.

Objectives: Pursue a challenging career in lifestyle/science/technology media. Implement all forms of communication, journalism, blogging, writing, audio/video/screen-casting, media creation with innovation, creativity and professionalism, achieving top results in all tasks undertaken. Find the best way to transport the message (or find the hidden message, if the client lost his story in daily work). Be pro-active and goal driven, carrying out all business responsibilities at a highly professional level. Be honest to clients, even if this means rejecting bullshit requests and losing the job.

Specialties: Bringing in creativity plus energy and infect others with it. Experience, ideas, stories, humor, engagement, action, know-how, curiosity, understanding humanity, understanding technology, understanding communication, understanding security, understanding media, understanding lifestyle and understanding customer needs.

To lazy to translate this ego sales bla to german.

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